Embrace Elegance With Eyelash Extensions In Edmonton

Say Hello To Glamorous Lashes With Vita Luxe

Are you tired of applying waterproof mascara to your eyelashes to keep them tactfully beautiful throughout the day? Try eyelash extensions and save money & time spent on daily mascara and curling. Being one of the best salons in Alberta, Vita Luxe offers affordable and premium eyelash extensions in Edmonton. 

Eyelash extensions are the ultimate option to enhance your natural eyelashes’ thickness, volume, and curl. Vita Luxe is a premier destination for eyelash extensions, specializing in classic, volume and hybrid lashes. Now bid adieu to mascara, and let us pamper your lashes.

Classic Lashes

Want a casual everyday look but voluminous lashes at the same time? Classic lashes are your go-to option for fluffy lashes without compromising the realistic appearance.

Volume Lashes

Do you love the look of naturally full and thick lashes? Get volume lashes at Vita Luxe for a bolder look with longer and darker eyelashes at unbeatable prices.

Hybrid Lashes

Even out your broken lashes with hybrid lashes. Our esthetician offers the best hybrid eyelash extensions to create a beautiful wispy look catered to suit your natural appearance.

All Lash styles (classic, hybrid, volume)

1 week fill


2 week fill


3 week fill


4 week fill


Foreign Fill


Full Set




Say Goodbye To Everyday Mascara With Affordable Eyelash Extensions At Vita Luxe

Get Your Fantastic Eyelashes Done From Vita Luxe For Pocket-friendly Prices Along With Safe & Quick Procedure

Pre-treatment Care
Post-treatment Care

Eyelash Extensions & More - Get All At Vita Luxe

When it comes to eyelash extensions in Edmonton, we’re one of the best at Vita Luxe. We always prioritize our clients and offer comprehensive eyelash extensions. We are dedicated to creating personalized lash designs that compliment your unique features and meet your desired style. Goodbye mascara, embrace lash extensions with a certified esthetician at Vita Luxe. We use premium quality products to offer the best results at affordable prices in a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.


At Vita Luxe, we offer classic, volume, and hybrid eyelash extensions in Edmonton. You can choose any of the extensions based on your interests and preferences, and each eyelash extension gives your eyes a unique look.

No, no, no! Never apply mascara to your extensions, as it will negatively impact your eyelashes and reduce their duration.

Eyelash extensions can last up to 6 weeks if given proper care and maintenance. The extension will shed with the natural growth cycle of your lashes, varying from person to person. The average person gets a fill every 3-4 weeks.

Yes, completely; eyelash extensions are safe, and the tools we use to apply extensions do not damage your natural eyelashes. We are formally trained and ensure that lashes are applied safely. We take great care not to cause any damage or premature shedding to your natural lashes.

We are a renowned eyelash extension studio in Edmonton offering exceptional and customized eyelash extensions at affordable prices. We value our customers and ensure 100% satisfaction.

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