Unveil Your Natural Glow With Laser Facial In Edmonton

Rediscover Your Skin’s Beauty With Laser Facial In Edmonton

Aging Sucks! Skin Issues Suck! Every time we gain another year of wisdom, we also obtain those wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots. There are many factors that contribute to our skin issues, like stress and environment, to name a few. If you also have lost your skin’s natural glow due to any factor, photo rejuvenation / Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is one of the best laser facials you can count on. At Vita Luxe, we’re proud to offer the state-of-art and non-invasive laser facial in Edmonton. The treatment addresses wrinkles, fine lines, acne/ scars, redness, sun damage, active acne, reduced pore size, etc. If you want to improve your skin texture, elasticity, and tone, connect with experts at Vita Luxe today.

Removes Wrinkles And Fine Lines

If you’re worried about your fine lines or wrinkles, laser facial works like a magic wand to soften these tell-tale signs of aging, making skin younger-looking.

Treats Skin Pigmentation

Unwanted freckles, spots, or discoloration are the major concerns that laser facials effectively treat by eliminating them, giving you a more balanced skin tone.

Tightens Skin

Laser facial tightens the skin and encourages collagen production by replacing dead skin cells, ultimately enhancing skin tone and giving youthful results. 

Reduces Acne Scars

Acne scars are frustrating to deal with. Laser facial treatment works wonders in minimizing and reducing their visibility, making skin brighter-looking.

Improves Enlarged Pores

Large pores make skin uneven and bumpy, affecting overall skin tone and texture. Laser facials reduce enlarged pores, making your skin appear smooth and even.

Quick & Safe

Laser facial is a much faster and safest treatment than other options out there. It takes about 30-40 minutes, making it easy to fit into busy schedules.

Aim For Perfection?
Elevate Your Skincare Routine With Laser Facial In Edmonton

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Glam Up Your Skin With Vita Luxe: The Best Salon For Laser Facial In Edmonton

Vita Luxe welcomes you to our premium salon in Edmonton. We combine advanced technology with personalized solutions to help you achieve flawless, radiant, and youthful skin with our unmatched laser facial in Edmonton. Our team specializes in laser facial treatments that target innumerable skin concerns, ensuring effective and long-lasting results. We are formally trained and offer result-oriented services to our clients with 100% satisfaction. Our team also listens to your needs and suggests the best treatment. We always stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in laser technology to provide you with the most effective and safest treatment.

Book Your Appointment For A Laser Facial In Edmonton To Get Glowing Skin Ahead

Laser Facial

Single / 3 Sessions / 6 Sessions

Full Face

$200 / $540 / $1020

½ Face

 $100 / $270 / $510

Laser Facial

Single / 3 Sessions/ 6 Sessions

Décolleté + Neck

$125 / $338 / $638

Bikini Line

$250 / $675 / $1275


It is said that each pulse of the laser feels like a warm pinprick to the face, the discomforts are quite mild. Laser facial in Edmonton is a safe and relatively comfortable procedure ensuring optimal results.

You can see the results immediately after the treatment, your skin may appear pink or feel slightly like a sunburn after the treatment. The results can last 1-3 years based on skin age.

You can experience some redness, swelling and a little sunburn feeling that typically goes away within 1 hour. Your pigmented areas may turn darker over the next few days and then slough off. This is a non-invasive treatment; you are able to resume your day immediately after treatment; it could even be done on your lunch break.

Experts at Vita Luxe use IPL devices to rejuvenate your skin. The IPL device contains a broadband wavelength that is targeted to your skin to address the issues, and the laser is customized based on different skin colours and conditions.

Laser facial is a very safe and effective treatment for glowing and rejuvenated skin. It helps reduce fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, age spots, broken capillaries, and collagen production and tightens the skin to give you younger-looking skin.

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